Viktor Chouchkov - 554 Fantasie romantique 554 for violin, piano and orchestra

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Written by: Viktor Chouchkov / Performed by: Viktor Chouchkov - piano ; Martin Panteleev - violin / Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra / conductor - Martin Panteleev (Recorded 2009)

Viktor Chouchkov is a famous Bulgarian pianist and composer, known to the world audience from his successful tours in Europe, Asia and America. He is a Professor of chamber music and piano at the Bulgarian State Music Academy, Sofia.

Born in 1946 in Gorna Oryahovitsa/Bulgaria, he wrote his first composition at the age of eight. He graduated the State Secondary Music School and the Bulgarian State Music Academy under Prof. Lilli Atanassova (piano) and Prof, Vesselin Stoyanov (composition). In 1966 he won a scholarship of the "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory in Rome, where he sudied composition with Prof. Virgilio Mortari and piano with.Prof. Vincenzo Vitale, Guido Agosti, Ornella Santoliquido and Prof. Carlo Zecchi.
Since 1990 he has been General Secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Composers; becoming President of the Union since 1999.
He has composed the music for more than 50 films,among which should be mentioned 15 feature films, 30 documentaries and 5 cartoon and TV series. He was awarded with the "Grand Prix" at the International Film Festival " Varna 73"- Bulgaria. He is winner of the "Golden Star" award at the Golden Coin Festival in Bologna, Italy. By his musical authorship, the cartoon titled "Conservfilm" (director Zl. Radev), was nominated for Oscar (Youth Section). Among his most famous compositions are: "Letters from the Future" (1981) - Impression for voice, rock band and symphony orchestra; "Concerto for Laughter and Orchestra" (1992) ; "Nostalgic Variations" (1994) -- Variations for kaval (wooden flute), piano and orchestra ; "Trio concerto"(2003) -- Concerto for violin, violoncello, piano and orchestra ; "Amadeus Fantasie" (2005) -- Variations for two pianos and orchestra ; "Fantaisie romantique"(2009) -- for violin, piano and orchestra

He has performed plentiful of recitals and has been guest soloist of symphony and chamber orchestras in Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania and Georgia.
He is giving master classes in Brazil, Holland, Italy, Malaysia, Macedonia, Hong Kong, and is often invited as a member of international jurors. Countless international music festivals and charity concerts have enjoyed his participation. The music critique defines him as "...Poet of the sound, virtuoso, thrilling interpreter of Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Brahms...."
".....He is blessed with this rare gift, to keep the music in constant readiness- in his head and in his hands. He plays with such genuineness, that brings forth the sound right from the spring, this magical Mozart sound...."- "Musical horizons" magazine (2000)
"....The music springs right from his cells....." - Ennio Morricone

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