I.V.R. - To Heaven And Back

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First single of IVR's new EP "To Heaven And Back"
Official Website - http://www.ivrproject.com/
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/IVRProject
Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/ivrplovdiv

Ivan Valkov Rusev - Vocals, Bass,
Diana Komitova - Vocals
Vasil Valchev - Guitar
Ivan Yurkov - Keyboards
Dez Marinkov - Drums

Shot and edited by Georgi Kovachev
Drone footage by Ivan Shishkov
Directed by Georgi Kovachev

Recorded and mixed in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by Vasil Valchev, F.1 SOUND RECORDS STUDIO
Mastered by Colin Davis, Imperial Mastering, CA, USA
Produced by I.V.R.Project LTD

Order I.V.R.'s debut album "Soul Confession" here - http://www.ivrproject.com/shop

Copyright © 2016 by I.V.R. / Copyright Number - 5698745236

All rights reserved. This album or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the creator.
lyrics-Diana Komitova
I'm a sinner
Never claimed to be a saint
I was born a believer
I know I made some mistakes
I'm a fighter
And I never let my head down
I can't deny it
The darkness waiting to come out

I only have my soul
And love can take me home
Sometimes I feel that I can rule the world
I take what I need
And I never feel endangered

And I'll keep growing strong
Rise above the storm
I live and breathe just to praise the sun
I say what I feel
I've been crying with the angels

Born to love
I'd rather be sinner
Born to love
He'll forgive me for what I am
As I can I breathe free
I'll follow my dreams
To heaven and back again

Born to love
I know I'm a sinner
Born to love
Let the world hear my voice again
Now I am staying here
I'm not gonna be
What they want me to be no more

I'm a sinner
Never claimed to be a saint
I was born a believer
I know I made some mistakes
I'm a sinner
I'm a sinner

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