WOPS – DEATH BY ARCADE MACHINE (2021 official video)

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"Death by Arcade Machine" by WOPS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wopsband/
Spotify: http://bit.ly/wopsband

Produced by WOPS
Music & Lyrics - WOPS
Mix & Master - Alex Nushev
Recorded at ANP Music Production

Direction/Editing/Screenplay/Color Correction – Emil Todorov
DOP – Lilly Staykova
Set design & Costumes - Pavlina Zahova
PAs – Magdalena Velichkova, Alexander Belyanov
MK San – Velizar Binev (https://www.facebook.com/VelizarBinev)
Groupie – Ivaylo Nikolov
Nikola's girlfriend - Magdalena Velichkova

Special thanks:
The crew and cast!
135 School "Jan Amos Comenius"
Vladislav Lakov & Chase A Cloud (https://www.facebook.com/chaseacloud)
Diana Manolova
Veselina Todorova (artwork & design)
Olgierd Kolev (artwork & design)
Emil Petkov (sound design, https://www.facebook.com/emil.petkov.98)
Emil’s mom & dad for providing some of the props that got broken in the end (they still don’t know)


Back in the day (when) my mom ‘s out, bring the Sega ‘n the MK out!
Cheap shots ‘n low kicks, how Liu ducks ‘n Sub hits!
By my side my combo list, duck, back, high punch. Missed!
Fuck my teleport punch, I’m pissed. That’s my world I can’t resist!

Bring your friends to the Soul chamber. Special moves we breathe danger.
9 to 5 was the best time eva’. Seemed the only time to stop is never.
Smoke’s portal death trap or just make your back snap.
So many ways to finish you or maybe just hew you up in two.

Special moves ‘n uppercuts. Broken backs and flying guts.
Gore is fun and always will. Never shed a chance to thrill!
Arcades, home or a friend’s house, any place I’m up for joust.
Now go and get a controller and let’s see what you’re made of!

Hero’s brutality!? That stinks! I wanna see blood and flying limbs!
A burning carcass for a double flawless. I dream of it while workin’ in the office.
Jump around as much as you wanna, (you’ll) still end up with a kiss from Kitana.
Down, back, low punch - Ice Clone, every time sends chills to the bone.

We escaped then, we escape now, the rush is still the same somehow.
The boys and me, we formed a hub, just like BP in Fight Club.
Flying punches everywhere. Time to send your final prayer.
Now go and get a controller and let’s see what you’re made of!

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