Downshift Collective - Long Road (Official video)

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Long Road
Music & arrangement: Alexander Georgiev, Tsvetan Chobanov
Lyrics: Mihail Lyulev
Scratch: DJ Stanchika

Camera: Alexander Georgiev
Directed by Downshift Collective
Editor: Olya Zheleva

Downshift Collective

Alexander Georgiev - guitar
Tsvetan Chobanov - keyboard / saxophone
Mihail Lyulev- vocals

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The road is long and the goal is far
its the highest mountain and the brightest star
where we are coming from where are we going to in the end only love is true

Hey yo I'm looking for light
but there's only darkness in my life
its like a curse sometimes
but at least i'm able to sing these rhymes
where is the love where does it shine
all around us violence and crime
where we gone wrong i dont know
we gotta do things right
but who am i to give you advice
all you see is hate and despise
and why are we working from 9 to 5
and we are selling our lives
doing what we dont like see
you aint listening
cant you see we build our own prison and
there will be no end until we understand
love is the way and it will shine again

I know we cant rewind the past
but the future's in our hands
so we gotta do our best
when life is putting us to the test
lets help each other out its not a contest
and its a tight rope right left easy stepping
i know its hard but we keep on forgetting
money and blink blink don't mean a thing thing
now tell me now tell me what you think

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ТаговеDownshift Collective Long Road

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