Art Locomotion

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Art Locomotion appeared as a musical project in 2010 and is the logical continuation of the group Harno, occurred in the early 90's - recorded and released single album in 1994 from Dilema/Subdibula Ltd. The formation combines different music styles, influenced by the music from the 60's and 70's, also the modern electronic forms and the classic music. We Are: Petar Dimov - guitar, vocal & lyrics Miroslav Tzvetkov - guitar, vocal, programming & lyrics Pavel Stoychev - drums & percussion, programming & bass Viola Tzvetkova - vocal Desislava Petrova - vocal Dimitar Bakardjiev - sax and flute

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2 Коментари

  • Achopenchev 6 years ago

    О, това е "Харно". Супер.
  • Gorski 6 years ago

    Готин стил момчета! Моля ви, внимавайте като качвате, да попълвате "тип медия" и "категория". И тагове.